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Bartsu Electric (Shanghai) Ltd

Add:No.780, TianShan Rd, Shanghai, China
Tel:021-62285012 51873880
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Bartsu Electric(Shanghai) Ltd is a professional sales company located in downtown Shanghai, China. Bartsu has got official authorization of portable products from SebaKMT of Megger Group, Vivax-Metrotech, and A-Eberle. Our business concept is to help power instruments manufacturers in western countries and to cooperate together to provide high quality site demo, training, repair, and sales in China market.

With 18 experienced people team, Bartsu Shanghai successfully achieved No. 1 in China market on portable imported power cable measurements instruments since 2009. We are proud to be one of the best suppliers on Wuxi Metro 2013 Project, Sansha Power Project 2013 of Hainan Grid, China 9th University Games 2012 Project, Tibet Grid Interconnection Project 2011, Shanghai EXPO Power Supply Projects 2010……

Bartsu Shanghai takes service, training, and repair seriously. We regard service, training as important as tangible products. On every sales project, Bartsu Shanghai engineers not only deliver high quality products to China end customer, but also share valuable professional knowledge and local site experience with end customers. Most Bartsu end customers are happy to keep friendly relationship with Bartsu Shanghai for many years.

Bartsu has built a strong sales network with more than 27 sales partners in most provinces and industries in China. Bartsu is an effective channel for high-end imported power instruments to become stronger and stronger in China market. Bartsu Shanghai are good at sales and service in many industries, including power grid, power generation, green power, nuclear power, metro, high speed railway, steel & iron, petrochemical, oil & gas field, shipyard, PLA Navy in China market.

If you have interest on China market, pls contact Bartsu Shanghai at, or call +86-13661816713! Welcome to visit Bartsu Shanghai!



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